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Cute Clothes Asking for Good Weather / Talever

Posted: 01 Apr 2018 07:46 PM PDT

Agora que estamos oficialmente na Primavera e os dias se estão a tornar mais quentes (sei que vem aí chuva, mas as temperaturas já se começam a fazer sentir), é seguro olhar para roupitas giras adequadas à estação. Estas peças em questão são de uma loja que até há bem pouco tempo era totalmente desconhecida para mim. Falo da Talever, uma loja online asiática que me parece destacar-se bastante das outras lojas dentro do mesmo género pelas suas peças únicas. 

Now that it is officially Spring and the days are getting warmer where I live (in Portugal the temperatures are getting warmer, finally), it is safe to start looking for cute clothes that are suitable for the season. These pieces in question are from a store that until very recently was totally unknown to me. I'm talking about Talever, an asian online store that seems to stand out from other stores within the same genre for its unique pieces. I was quite surprised with this store, since I didn't know about it. And, since I'm such an online shopper and I love to browse store's websites (honestly, I barely shop outside my house lol), I've selected some of my favorite clothes from the store.

This was my Spring/Summer inspired selection - lightweight, fresh pieces and some floral patterns to the mix to call out the good weather. The store has a pretty nice selection of casual dresses perfect for the daily basis and the so much needed sunny days. That backless orange dress above is a favorite of mine. Looks super fresh and comfortable and I'm in love with that color, it's like a burnt yellow, I love it. Talever also has a lovely selection of tops, that's where I found that cute flared sleeve pink top that I showed at the begining. I have a thing for pink and I think it is pretty cute, don't you think?

Besides dresses and tops, I also discovered this pretty cool suede skirt with a front zipper and honestly I think it is so stylish! I can already imagine me wearing it with my favorite pair of sneakers. Give their skirts section a look. At least but not last I selected a pretty floral jumpsuit from Talever's jumpsuits section. Overtime I stopped wearing so many patterns and started to prefer plain/basic colors, but this jumpsuit screams summer and good weather, don't you think? Of course, I didn't want to include winter clothes here but I also found out some pretty cute coats/jackets. But I guess this is it!  What's your favorite item? How's the weather where you live?

Esta foi a minha seleção inspirada na Primavera/Verão - peças leves, frescas e alguns padrões florais à mistura a chamarem o bom tempo. Qual a vossa peça favorita? Já estão em modo primaveril? 

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